ISO 15552
Pneumatic Cylinders
ISO-M series cylinders provide higher efficiency and longer working life in all temperatures to steam up your system.
CETOP RP 53P - 43P
Pneumatic Cylinders
PNS and PAG series cylinders are ready for the most difficult tasks with adjustable cushioning options and heatproof rod seals.
ISO 6432
Pneumatic Cylinders
Thanks to light weight structures, PM, PMY, PMD, PMS, PME and PMYD series cylinders provide optimum performance.
Pneumatic Cylinders
Mimimum size, maximum performance. Back or front springs, with or without magnetic sensors.
RODLESS Cylinders
Rodless cylinders offer more efficient and compatible usage possibilities.
Special Cylinders
Extraordinary cylinders for your extraordinary projects. Pemaks guarantees high performance.